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How to compress PDF file?

step 1
step 1
Upload your file to our Compress PDF service. Add more files if needed.
step 2
step 2
Select image quality, resolution (ppi), conversion and compression speed options if needed.
step 3
step 3
Click 'Compress PDF' red button and then download compressed PDF files on your device.

How to determine a PDF file size

Before you start to compress PDF files, it is important to determine the size you are working with. Here’s how to view the size of your document.

  • Find File - Open the location where your PDF is stored and locate the document. You can use search functions to quickly find the file.
  • Open File Properties – Right click the file and select ‘Properties’ to view the general and advanced properties of the document. Wait a while for the properties to load.
  • View Size – The file size should be easy to find under the ‘General’ properties tab. It is usually displayed after the file type and origin.

Why do I need to resize PDF

There are various reasons why you may need to reduce PDF file size, whether you are dealing with one or multiple documents. Below are three.

  • Save Storage – You can compress PDF files if you have less storage space. For instance, if you want to save the files on your phone or portable flash but have limited storage.
  • Online Uploading – If you are uploading a PDF file online to share with others, you can compress it to take less space and offer faster downloads.
  • Size Restrictions – Some sites limit the size of attachments you can send, for instance, when submitting an online resume. You can resize PDF files to meet the maximum size requirement.

How to compress PDF using 2PDF

2PDF file processor is optimized to help you manage your PDF files and offers various programs, including compressors. Other competitors might charge fees and need you to download and install software, but 2PDF is not the case. The steps for how to compress a document using 2PDF are described below.

  • Launch PDF Compressor – You can access all 2PDF PDF processing tools by clicking on ‘All Tools’ from the main navigation at the top of the page. Next, select Compress PDF to open the program in a new window.
  • Upload PDF – You can drag and drop the PDF file you want to compress directly on the new window or click on ‘Choose File’ to upload from your computer or mobile device. The document should load within a few seconds.
  • Compress File – Once the PDF is uploaded, click on the red ‘Compress PDF’ button to reduce the size. The process takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the file size. Click on ‘Download’ when the process ends to download your compressed file.

What about quality and information loss?

Quality drops and information loss are popular concerns when looking for how to compress a PDF. The best quality is always bigger and reducing size can interfere with the pixels. Some tools also truncate some information. However, you shouldn’t worry about quality and information loss when using 2PDF. The compressor allows you to choose image quality and resolution, as well as compression speed to ensure the best quality output. Also, nothing is truncated so there’s no loss of information.

Benefits of using 2PDF for PDF compression

2PDF is one of many solutions available when looking for how to reduce PDF file size. Below are the main benefits of using 2PDF to compress your files.

  • Offers an online file compressor you can use anywhere, anytime.
  • The mobile-friendly solution you can use to compress documents on your phone.
  • 2PDF is a free processor you can use without paying anything.
  • The tool is reliable and produces high-quality outputs.

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How to use
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You do not need to worry about file security.
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